Monday, February 28, 2011

The bump

So here we are. Scott finally snapped some proof of my growing belly...... 26 weeks. I thought I might as well have a few pictures of this pregnancy right now, before I get even bigger and refuse any kind of photo at all.
I got some really cute & cheap pregnancy clothes from my neighbor the other day and what a difference it can make. She had a few pairs of designer maternity jeans and I paid only $40 ...... and they fit! It's so worth having a few nice things to feel sort of cute in when pregnant. Thank goodness I've learned that and it's my fourth baby! Jeepers I'm slow.

Enjoy --because you won't see me again on here until this baby arrives.

This pose makes me laugh ...... super cheesy, but Scott insisted.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Can't even tell you how long I have waited for this moment. She not only let me curl her hair like mine, but asked me to. We also had a another big first recently....... painting her fingernails bright red! Girls are so fun and I guess I really wondered after her following those wild brothers around all day if she could be a girly girl?
I did hear her yesterday call someone a "poo poo head" and right after saying it she said "that's not nice, don't say the "s" word"
First I about died laughing and then had some serious concern that soon she would be calling people the "s" word. She sure keeps us on our toes.... and she's only 2?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Call me Dual

I passed my citizenship interview on February 7th, 2011. The official ceremony is next week. I am happy to say that I am in fact American (and Canadian) now. Canada loves me and so does the U.S.A. When I told the kids I passed, Kael said to me "Now your like the rest of our family Mom"
Cute, but one day I will have to break it to him that half of his genetic makeup is indeed Canadian!

Scott works the day of the Ceremony so it will be just Jade and I having that proud moment together.
I guess I will just have to imagine Scott's weaselly grin if he were there. He loves that he stole me from the land of the frozen chosen.

Oh, and I feel really smart after memorizing 100 questions about the United States. They only asked me 10 of them.... that was mean.
So for all you Americans out there let's see how much you know......

1. How many voting seats are there for the House of Representatives?

Friday, February 4, 2011

As promised....

This is for my sisters far away that I made some promises too. Emily, here I am trying to show you just how much I love the apron you made for me and that it's fits belly and all. The fabric is just too cute. Thank you again.

Cutest little pocket on it.

Jenny, these are so you can see just how good a house can look without orange walls.
They painted up above the mantel too and I think it gave it some depth. What do you think?
Doesn't that look better..?
I 'm so glad we changed it.... hopefully it pays off and we can sell this house!

I still don't have a picture of me & my belly to share...... I will see what I can do.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today when I laid Jade down for her nap she said " Mom, I need Something" to which I responded you already have cold water and your baby doll, go to sleep. Then in a little voice she said "Hug me". How cute of an excuse was that to get me to come back in the room to see her?

Kael today also surprised me by asking during my ultrasound " So, where exactly does the baby come out Mom, just show me". Uh, well, that was an awkward moment of silence. Thank heavens Jade interrupted with a scream when Karson tried to move her chair. I guess we need to go ahead and address that curiosity of his ...... I've been dodging it for a while now.

Karson managed to fool at least 5 people yesterday when he got out of school early for feeling "sick". I really didn't care that he missed a few hours of kindergarten...... it's more the fact that he knew just what to say and do to get himself home. His stomach was hurting he claimed, but he managed just fine at karate a few hours later. Mysterious?

Obviously we had another ultrasound today. It was so great to see everything from her nose to her kidneys on that screen. She..... which I doubted at times really was a she, is 100% a she. I guess Jade really will get a sister. So happy about that. I was 21 1/2 weeks today and the baby looks great, I feel great...... and am growing at a rapid rate.
Here she is.....