Monday, April 27, 2009

Bring on the sunshine

I have always had this problem where I buy really cheap, ugly, sunglasses because I can never find any that look very good on me. I gave up a long time ago even trying any on. Today I finally had some success (I think).  Scott wanted me to get a decent pair and he really liked these ones. I actually did too! I am realizing that it is a great feeling to love your shades and enjoy wearing them or else you never will!! 
Now I think I am ready for summer, or spring really........ if it would ever STOP snowing!!! Bring on the Sunshine! 

Tell me what you think? Keepers?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Determined four year old

Today is Karson's Birthday! He was so excited for his big day to finally arrive. He is already becoming quite a determined little four year old. This morning I was feeding Jade her bottle in her room and could hear someone sneaking around the house. I came out and found Karson fully dressed ........ with his shoes on? It was 6:45 am and I was a little confused, this is the boy who is usually in his pj's until 1:00 everyday. He said he was ready to ride his bike with no training wheels and wanted to go practice.  I saw the determination in his eyes and couldn't resist. So out we went me and Jade still in pj's to watch and cheer him on.  I was so surprised to see him take off and ride!! Just like a pro! What?? It's like he just made up his mind to do it and that was that.  I love this little boy and his bright, exciting, sweet, intense personality! There is never a dull moment with him and that has been the truth since the day he arrived! We love you Karson! You are one of a kind.

Can't help but love this little guy.
Karson wanted to help bake and decorate his cake this year! It's not very pretty but we had fun!
Karson loved his remote control army tank from Grandma Joan!

One of his favorites for sure........ his new digital camera. He wouldn't stop taking pictures all morning!

I am going to post the video of him riding his bike this morning. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Karson!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend

Here are some pictures of our Easter weekend. It was so fantastic to have Jenny and Josh and their adorable family here with us for all the Easter fun this year!  I kind of wish they never had to leave. The kids had a blast. Jenny and I had our dose of Target trips alone, and it was heavenly.  We discovered that Target not only sells the best clothes and accessories .......... it also sells the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!!!!!  Seriously, go try them. The chocolate was dripping down my chin. yummay!  The men had fun golfing, discussing business plans for the future, hot tubbing, and having court side seats for the NBA game on Monday night.  Pretty sweet times I tell ya!! Always a party with the Shockey crew. Come back soon guys!

Jack and Ty wrestling in Jade's car seat. Cute little guys.
The men cooking up a mean breakfast.......... and Josh making out with his spoon?
Jade with her cute chubby cheeks ........ can you tell I'm in love with this little girl?
Tyson hunting for eggs.
Cute Easter bunnies responsible for the best egg hunt ever.
Hilary painting her Easter eggs! A little artist!
Jade's first Easter basket!
Kael and Karson's loot.
The best part ever.......... Easter candy for breakfast!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A week with Jack and Ty

Has really been more of a treat then extra work. For one thing, they finally know their Auntie Sarah....... and Uncle Scott I guess. :)  These twin boys are so sweet and really well behaved little men (Good job Jenny!)  They have not cried once for anything, not even at bedtime. They have not climbed, fought, hit or even tried to destroy anything in our home........ which has been a pleasant surprise from what we're use to.  I love how goofy they can be and how much they love playing with baby Jade. ( My guess is that's a girl in the oven Jenny)
So here are some pictures of our week with these two boys and how much fun we've had!!

Karson was so sweet with these boys, and loved being older......... and in charge of them really. He would just walk Tyson around the block for hours. Cute.

This was funny when Jackson took over. He liked being in charge!

Here is Jade just sticking her tongue out again! 

Oh dear.... this was sad, and funny all at the same time. Poor Tyson took a nose dive off the trampoline into muddy wet grass.  He's a tough little guy but very accident prone!

Our kids have loved having the "twins" around and will miss them. 
I am so excited for the rest of the Shockey crew to come back and join us for Easter weekend! Wahoo!!

A very successful week I would say!!