Sunday, March 29, 2009

8 months

Jade is 8 months now. I don't think she looks 8 months old but at least she is growing and filling out a little more. She got her first ear infection this weekend and it hasn't been fun for anyone. I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That one hurt......

My pride, my clean record of never crashing, or getting a ticket in our married life, my insurance, my husband, and my happiness for the next week or so. 
Why oh why do they have these random yellow poles placed throughout the parking lot? I swear to you I did not even see it (even though I parked right beside it?)  There is nothing worse then hearing that "crunch" sound, and that is the first time I have in my driving history. Juliana witnessed the whole thing and held a good fake supportive smile for a while as I debated crying, laughing or screaming for a few minutes.  I was mostly concerned about showing up at Scott's office to show him the damage.  He laughed, only because he was trying to be nice and hide his true feelings. I think he knew I was about to cry if he got mad. 
He really was so good about it and that helped a lot. He even gave me a kiss..... no make out session though. 
I think this will seal the deal with him driving "his truck" more often, his brand new truck, that he only refuses to drive because of putting too many miles on it. Yes, that is the only reason it was ever in my hands. I wish it never was.

Painful to look at....... especially when your guilty of such a crime.
Hopefully Scott won't kill me when we get the estimate on it tomorrow.  I still have a sick feeling in my stomach, I know it won't leave for a while. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Random facts

Just a little family update. 

Anyone notice Karson's favorite shirt? It is so great that every family picture with him in it will look so classy and professional.  Still, it's just not worth the fight some days.

Kael fell and bit through his bottom lip last week and  almost lost another tooth. We took him in to get an x-ray and everything looked alright....... so far.

Jade is wearing her first elastic in her hair ! What an accomplishment!?  She is always twisting her tongue and sticks it out constantly. So funny and cute. She laughs the most around her brothers, and loves her daddy's voice. She is making me nervous with how each day she is looking more and more like Karson!

Here is one of the many funny faces that she makes!

This is what it looks like when daddy's home. They climb and wrestle and never let him out of site. He is the favorite. Karson was mad at me for not giving him candy and told me that I wasn't in charge Dad was, and that I should go to work instead of him! How rude..... and after all that I put up with!  
The other day someone said " All your kids look exactly like their Dad."
Seriously? Why am I even around?? That can't be the truth....... someone has to look a little bit like me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A good day

I think it is my occasional good days that get me through the bad ones. Today, even though Jade didn't nap at all, and the boys didn't even pick up and attempt to play with one toy, I managed to feel happy and make the best of it. This isn't always the case, as many of these types of days end up in me feeling like a grumpy, mean, boring, Mom. I have all three kids home all day, every day right now, no breaks, no preschool, no nothing.  I'm not going to lie, it has been hard some days. So tonight the boys and I read for hours before bed and it really is those sweet moments with them cuddled beside me that my heart is so full of love and gratitude for each of them and what they teach me.  Another sweet moment tonight was just rocking Jade before bed and having her look up at me and play with my hair and hum to herself. She seemed so old, like she knew so much already, so peaceful and pure. She has such beautiful hands, so graceful and soft. I love when she grabs my face. I am so blessed to have these little ones to love and to learn from. I am so grateful for those simple, still, calm moments that give perspective on who we are and why we are here.  I need a lot more of them.