Saturday, April 22, 2017

Playing catch up..

 Definition: an effort to reach or pass a norm, especially after a period of delay.
Well, better late than never right?

We welcomed baby Probst #5 into the world on April, 5th 2014. He is such a sweet, smart, funny, handsome, happy little boy and although #5 was hard for me, he's as good they get. We call him "Farley" because of who he resembles with his wild hair and chunky cheeks. We can't get enough of him and he's growing up way too fast. He's definitely a daddy's boy in every way. He always wants him and is determined to find him.. even if it means walking down our big road and risking his life to do so. That's a scary story for another day though.
Parks Williams Probst, you are the angel boy we all needed. What a gift you are... can't imagine life without you. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

My "Mr. Karson"

I can't believe this boy just turned 8 and will be baptized next month! He truly has brought more smiles and tears to my eyes than I ever thought possible. If you let this little boy have the chance, he will show you his heart of gold. Sometimes he likes to hide it away, and play tough guy. A few words come to mind when I think of Karson... determination, depth, strong will, sweet, funny, curious, smart and loving.
We adore this little man. He is growing up too fast. 

 Here are a few of my favorite Karson moments...

Happy Birthday Karson Scott! I will never forget the day you surprised us all and arrived a month ahead of schedule. Thanks for that!! We should've clued in then, that you do things on your own timetable! 
You are so loved.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wouldn't have missed it!

I love going home to see my family. This trip tops all visits home EVER! It was a one of a kind Birthday surprise for my Dad. We (all my siblings) had plans to be at the Cardston temple without my Dad knowing we had flown home. What a sweet feeling it was to walk into the chapel room together and see his overwhelmed heart burst into tears. It doesn't really get much better than having all your children in the temple together on your 60th birthday! It was the kind of surprise we needed, to match the caliber of this man. 
Then, the weekend fun continued with Canada Day parades, a visit to Waterton National Park, singing to very old, and very loved grandparents, eating ketchup chips daily, and beautiful weather.

Only thing I'd change? Having Scott there with me to enjoy all the fun. He stayed home and moved us into our new house while I was off playing. What a guy!

My grandpa is 104? or maybe 105? I lost track...


SO..... it's been a while huh? I have decided, through some encouragement from the husband, to make a comeback to the blogging world. I know how grateful I will be in the future.. even if it's a only a small comment or photo every week. Life is so busy, but also filled with many great things I don't want to forget. Heres to trying....

We bought a farm this summer... Kind of a big deal!!

We now have goats, cows, chickens, ducks, sheep, and a dog. So much for easing me in to this country life slowly Scott Probst! 

Scott built fences all summer and kept busy with all sorts of farm projects. He is in his own little world out here... a world I know nothing about.
Okay, I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. It really is a beautiful property.

My favorite tree.

 We had horses, but we sold them because.... well, they were senior citizens. Too expensive to feed, and not very kid friendly. Oh, and one almost killed Scott. No big deal though.

Our precious little girl started preschool!! She is so grown up and loves to learn. She can't wait to go to school with her big brothers next year... she wants to be BIG. 

This summer these gals enjoyed many wagon rides around the farm.  

Our J bird turned 4 in July.  

E bug is 18 months this month! My baby! NO!! She is my little sweetheart. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A teensy birthday girl

I can't believe she is one...

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!

What a pleasant year it has been with you Emery, we all love you so much! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012


So here I am sitting with Emery on Easter Sunday, just the two of us, some sunshine, and a quiet clean house.
Scott took Jade and the boys to Montana for the weekend..... yes, he has turned into Super DAD.
These are a few of the thoughts I had today.
When all you have to do is waste time... it becomes miserable. The first day was a nice break, the second was a shopping day, and today was a "I am so grateful this is not my life" day. I miss my loud, messy family so much. At least they can bring real happiness, love and worth.
Seriously, I know it's sounding really deep, but I am so grateful for the privilege to be a Mother.
It is hard, but so rewarding.

I watched all of Saturday General Conference sessions today and it was so fulfilling. Hearing their words brings a stronger conviction to do my job better, to worry about the things that will last, to understand that the most important things need to happen within the walls of our homes.

They are men called of God. I treasure their words.
I cannot wait to have my family return home tomorrow.

I just want to try to remember .... the next time I feel like I need a break.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

14 pins

The boys started up wrestling in November. I didn't realize how intense it was going to be until both my boys had their first matches and ate a few slices of humble pie. I was so proud that they stuck it out, worked their very hardest and both had an amazing first season. It is a very nerve racking sport to go head to head with someone, in front of a huge crowd and have to fight for your life to win it.

Pins are obviously hardest to get, you pin a guy, the match is over. Otherwise, matches are won by points earned.
Kael got 8 pins, a medal for the most 3 pt takedowns on his team, and one 3rd place tournament medal.
Karson got 6 pins, a medal for most takedowns on his team, another medal for most escapes, and a 2nd place tournament medal.
They both made the 100 point club too (earning 100 or more points total from matches this season).
There is nothing better than seeing your kids want something so badly and work the hardest they can to achieve it. There were tears alright... but they kept getting back up. The best moments were to see them realize their potential.

You can only imagine how proud their Dad is of them, and their Grandparents who came to watch and be a part of it all.

Grandpa Mike and the crew
Karson 2nd place tournament medal.
Kael surprised us with this win. I think he surprised the other kid too.
Kael getting a pin!
All of us on our way to the final tournament.
What a busy and exciting few months it has been!