Monday, August 24, 2009

You've had a Birthday.......

Shout hooray!
Let the pampering begin! My sweet little boys were all ready to give me some extra lovin' on my birthday! They picked me out these gorgeous roses and were so excited to surprise me! What a perfect start to a perfect day! Scott let me sleep in and got the boys dressed, fed and all ready for school.  He was so sweet and brought home breakfast.......... had a pizza party organized for lunch with family there, and spoiled me with great presents! 
This year I even got a CAKE!!  Thanks babe. Turning 28 wasn't so bad after all.

Me and my cake.
Regan - Thanks for cute shirt! You know I loved it if I went and put it on two minutes later!! 
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who made me feel SO loved on my birthday! You know who you are!! xoxo

I wanted Kael to have an awesome birthday this year....... and I think he did. Turning 6 is a BIG DEAL. We sure love this handsome, athletic, happy, smart, and loving boy!  He will always be the best big brother and example in our home. Happy Birthday Kael!! We love you.

He wanted a treasure chest cake ....... so here it is.
    He loved it!

We were praying for a HOT day so the kids could all play on our crazy water slide treehouse!
They had such a blast together!

Pirate buddies.... Karson and Beau.

He look so big in this picture.......
Happy birthday my boy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Early to bed, early to rise......

School Time has arrived!
The boys have started school this week and are so excited. Kael thinks school is "AWESOME"!
Karson is very proud to have three pet guinea pigs in his classroom!  This week has been great so far and I am excited for them to learn and make new friends this year.  The boys are both happy with their teachers and we haven't had any melt downs yet (except for when I forgot to pack Kael a snack the first day of school........ he was a little emotional about that). 
This is all new to me, so hopefully I will keep up with it all! 

So here they are, first day of school, 7:40 am, sleepy eyes, new clothes and Big smiles!!

Way to go boys, we love you!