Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Sunday

These pictures are mostly being posted for Grandma Joan to see just how darling the kids looked in their NEW Christmas Sunday clothes she sent! Thank you so much for spoiling the kids once again! I barely snapped these pictures before Kael snuck out of his tie...... as you can see. Jade stole the show in her little dress today, she looked so cute when she wasn't scowling like she is in the picture below. 

She looks like a cute little lady bug!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The sweet smell of Christmas

I love the memories I have of Christmas as a child! Do any of you remember 'scratch & sniff ' books? I would have never remembered this particular book if I hadn't stumbled across it in Ross. I was so excited! The turn of each page brought back so many Christmas memories! What a treasure I've found. The boys sure love smelling the pages, and so have I!

Sledding indoors anyone? They do this for hours, no major injuries yet.

PJ Elf came to visit and brought the kids new pajama's!  We usually do this on Christmas Eve, but I wanted the kids to actually wear their PJ's before Christmas was over.

They loved their new button up train and cowboy PJ's this year, and refuse to wear any other ones to bed! 

Friday, December 5, 2008

On the market

Scott's flip Update:

Here it is ....... the finished product. Nothing overly fancy, but a hell of a deal according to Scott.

New tile in the master bath.

Finished basement, family room.

New hardwood floors in kitchen

Front entry, new paint and carpet.

Kitchen again.

Living room, main level.

Great learning experience, but also very glad to be done.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let it snow!

This is why I love living in Colorado!  It's in my blood to endure the cold weather and look forward to a white Christmas every year!  The kids were so excited and nothing could hold them back........ they love SNOW! We had so much fun playing together as a family on Sunday evening outside in a beautiful winter wonderland! This is by far more snow than we ever had last year........ and is the first real snow of the season.  I can only imagine what's ahead.

The boys were begging Scott to keep throwing them onto this huge snow pile!

My cute snow men. 

The boys, stuck inside the snow mountain they made with Dad. 

The first thing they check for every morning is snow, and then they step outside to see how cold it really  is, and decide how brave they're going to be............ so cute!