Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Washington

Okay, this is a more recent picture of our little Emery. Finally has some good cheeks on her.

Gig Harbor really is one of the most beautiful places ever. Especially in the summer. I can see how people want to live here and endure the rain all year long.

This is our view everyday. We walk down to the bay almost everyday when the tide is out. The kids love it!
Our first garden! It has been growing so fast.
We headed to the beach last week and had a blast. It was a perfect sunny day to find all sorts of treasures. It was only a 10 min drive from our house to this beach! I can handle that all right :)
My little men showing off their muscles.
I love this picture.
I love love love this little girl.
Jade wasn't so sure about all our creatures..... starfish, crabs, sand dollar's, sea shells and jellyfish. The boys on the other hand loved it!
Washington has so much to see and explore. We are just getting started!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sneak peak

So here goes a first attempt at catching up...... I'm going to keep it short and sweet ( if possible)

Here are some of Emery's very first visitors....

AND a few of my favorite people.
Auntie Regan, Uncle Joel
Grandpa Mike

Another Uncle that saved the day and drove our Gigantic U-haul truck to Montana for us! Don't know what we would have done with out them. Thank you Seth.
This is Seth and Grandpa Mike leaving at 5:00 am in the morning with our 2 trouble maker boys along for the very long ride. We are forever in their debt..... and I'm not sure which was harder ..... having our boys for a week, or the 14 hour drive home?

Sisters! This girl loves her new little baby.
Karson and Emery.
Kael learning how to burp his baby sister! SO cute.
This was so sweet.... but most likely was the moment Emery got conjunctivitis from them. No joke.
The boys working hard all day with Grandpa Dave to get the garden done! They loved it.
Kael riding on his new trick bike.
Grandma Sharon and Emery finally meet.
I swear my Dad is really 35, he works so hard and never stops. Love you for giving us our garden dad.
Emery all ready for church. 3 weeks old.
Finally, he sat down to snuggle Emery for a while:)
Okay, that was only part 1 .... still so many more to come.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emery J.

A little late in making this announcement...... but Emery Joy is here and perfect as can be!
She was so worth all the pain..... and there was a lot more pain this time around.
I love her dark hair and sweet lips. She has stolen all our hearts.

This post is the beginning of a much needed catch up.... as life has been just a tad on the crazy side lately.
Many more pictures to come of this little girl and all our adventures over the past few weeks.
We survived. Don't want to do it again. Ever.

Loving Washington and all it's lushness. Is that a word? No more desert land. No more wind. Okay and a lot more rain just not right now:) The weather really is heavenly and so is the view.

Oh, I almost forgot..... Happy Birthday Scottie my Hottie! If your wondering what your gift is..... she is in our room, 7 lbs 3 oz and fast asleep. Kind of hard to top that one huh? Today was lame I know...... you really are special, just not right now;) Love you and promise to give you a reward for everything you just put me through the past few months...... ;)

She looks like Kael so much in this picture!

Rosy cheeks
..... more to come