Monday, October 17, 2011


I have around 100 pictures I'd love to share and oh the time it would take...... life is too busy these days. I am so behind already, so, I thought I'd present a few of my favorites and call it a day.
We have had SO much fun in September and October. Lots of trips to see great friends and family. Shopping, birthday celebrations and surprises. A weekend away with just the Hubby, a BYU football game. Eating, lots and lots of eating..... Canada is the best place to go if you want to add some plumpness to your back side. It's worth every bite too! Game nights with the family, late night chats with the parents. It has been a juicy few months with lots of people we love!

A cute little baby, folding her arms.
A very excited cub scout!
Two BYU fans.
A very dear friends birthday surprise!
A little chat with a favorite uncle.
A introduction to great grandparents and reality. This will be us one day, I hope my kids will be at my side. I love these two so much.
Turkey man- a.k.a Dad
A hostess, and a first time turkey stuffer. A pretty one.
The beauty, and the shorty.
A birthday girl (and bun in the oven) surrounded by sisters.
A picture dodger..... ha, got one Dean!
Almost all the Canadian Turkeys in my life..... we missed the ones in Colorado.