Monday, March 28, 2011

Music = my survival

Sometimes it is so hard to stay on task when life seems to swallow you up.
It is spring break and it is not a typical one for us around here. My kids keep telling me they have no toys, no friends to play with, no fun trips planned anywhere...... and it's all true. Spring break is the time you usually fly to Disneyland together, something exciting, life changing.

Well, our life changing event is finding a roof over our heads for the next 2 months (which thank heavens we did find), packing a minimum of 8 boxes a day, cleaning, eating at every fast food joint, and keeping everyone low stress and happy during it all.

We have had some good days and some days I am not proud of. Moving is such a transition for everyone and it's hard being the Mom trying her best to be happy, tough, patient, fun loving and create a non stressful environment for her children.

So at least the meltdowns have led to much being accomplished the following days.

We have been so blessed these past few months, everything has been working out just right. I am just emotionally challenged with this pregnancy and extra worried about everything that usually I wouldn't even blink about.

I bought some new music the other day off itunes and am here to say it has been the key to my survival.
Music has always been a huge part of my life. I love finding new songs and albums.
So Adele, thank you for having such a great new CD.
Mindy Gledhill, if I were ever lucky enough to make music it would be like your album "Anchor."
So go and buy both! Now.

They are the reason for my happy packing days.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yep that's right..... 12785 Angelina Drive will no longer be ours as of April 18, 2011. As happy as I am to have this huge house sell and not lose a ton of money, it still is really sad to hand over these keys. It has been so good to us and so many memories will be left behind in it. It's always hard to start a new chapter in life, but every beginning comes from some other beginnings end...... right? Isn't that how that song "Closing time" goes? It sure is closing time for us and until the closing day on this house we will try to savor every last moment here in it.

Now ....... about finding a place to call home for the month of April & May? This will probably be the most interesting, stressful, exciting, and EMOTIONAL few months I will ever have to experience. I know it always works out in the end..... I just don't want it to all happen so fast that I am institutionalized when we arrive in Washington.

This little baby girl will hopefully be good to me and come at the right time.... or at least a little closer to the right time then the last two did.

Thanks for the many memories and being our first place to call "Home".

Just a small tear or two after writing this......
okay, maybe more like a flood.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little scientist

Karson's class had a "Worm Expedition" day last week. All the kids wore their white scientist coats and showed us parents all kinds of facts about worms. Karson was so excited to tell me about everything he learned and showed me some really interesting things. He loves his kindergarten class this year and has grown up so much!
Warning: dissected worm picture below.

He is my cutest little scientist ever!
Reading his worm journal to Jade.
Him and Jade getting up close and personal with the dissected worm.
He taught me that worms have 5 hearts. How they can regenerate if cut in half. How they help our garden's grow. How they don't have eyes, why they are so slimy....... and much much more!
Karson is so social and outgoing at school. He gets notes sent home all the time from Ms. Kate saying he has been awesome that day! He is very smart and has just started reading and is so very proud of himself!
I sure do love this boy!