Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Pumpkins

Meet Lisa. The cutest Mom to be of twins that I have ever seen. I had the chance to host a "Little Pumpkin" themed baby shower for her in October. I had lots of help from Regan, Kera, and Jocelyn for the big day (thank heavens). Lots of yummy desserts were served and we had a great turnout.

Now we are just waiting to meet these sweet babies..... baby boy & girl!
A little hard to believe there's 2 in there?
Little pumpkins everywhere....
Pretty flowers.
Carmel puff stuff...
The gourmet dessert table..... delicious.

All the ladies that made it happen, and the cute Mom to be in the middle. Yes, we love her!
Let the count down begin.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


SNOW! There is nothing better then jumping in a hot tub when the snow is falling!

We love winter and can't wait for more fluffy, white goodness.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A little getaway

We snuck away to Denver this past weekend for some family fun. I think we picked the most gorgeous weekend to go to the Denver Zoo & up to see Estes Park. The weather was unreal, 78 degrees and all the trees were so bright with color. It was like raining leaves with summer weather as we walked around on Saturday. So perfect.
We stayed in a hotel that had a big water slide for the kids and a little one for Jade. It was the perfect little getaway.

Warning: there are way too many pictures here. Sorry. I just had to share.

Estes Park was so worth the drive! Cute little shops and an amazing scenery.
The kids checking out all the Elk.
There was Elk poop everywhere...... they just wander around town I guess?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here's to "9"

Nine years of marriage and what an adventure it has been. Each year brings us more joy as a family and so many blessings. I am so grateful for each chapter so far and what we have accomplished together. Best friends....... and more in love somehow. Three amazing children, undeserved it sometimes seems. They have brought so much happiness into our lives. I can't wait too see what the next 9 years will bring.

Tonight was perfection. Dinner for 2 at quite possibly the nicest restaurant we'll ever eat at. The Penrose Room at the Broadmoor. Delicious food. Gorgeous views. Quiet moments with the man I love. Perfect night.

The Broadmoor Hotel and grounds.
Waiting to be seated....
First time Scott wore his JCrew sports coat, and he's had it for 3 years. I think he looks hot in it! He better be more open minded from now on.
We had the best view......
and the best Filet Mignon..... ever.
So yummy.
Thanks for the great night my man! Happy Anniversary to US!