Sunday, April 8, 2012


So here I am sitting with Emery on Easter Sunday, just the two of us, some sunshine, and a quiet clean house.
Scott took Jade and the boys to Montana for the weekend..... yes, he has turned into Super DAD.
These are a few of the thoughts I had today.
When all you have to do is waste time... it becomes miserable. The first day was a nice break, the second was a shopping day, and today was a "I am so grateful this is not my life" day. I miss my loud, messy family so much. At least they can bring real happiness, love and worth.
Seriously, I know it's sounding really deep, but I am so grateful for the privilege to be a Mother.
It is hard, but so rewarding.

I watched all of Saturday General Conference sessions today and it was so fulfilling. Hearing their words brings a stronger conviction to do my job better, to worry about the things that will last, to understand that the most important things need to happen within the walls of our homes.

They are men called of God. I treasure their words.
I cannot wait to have my family return home tomorrow.

I just want to try to remember .... the next time I feel like I need a break.


Brian and Emily said...

So True! I love those moments when you realize that REALLY, YOU HAVE IT ALL! We are so blessed to be Mother's and to have eachother! Love you Sarah, you are such a good Mother! Happy Easter, love and miss you!

Juliana said...

Where's the like button! Ü Sweet that you got a break but also sweeter that it makes us contemplate what our journey here is really all about! Nice you got to listen to conference! I've had to go back and relisten because of the interruptions I had! But like you said I wouldn't have it any other way! Ü Bring on the interruptions of little kids! ;)

Jennyanne said...

so I finally remembered that I have a blog and that you do too : )
I love this post. I have felt like that so many times!! It makes me so scared for my kiddos to grow up sometimes. It's weird how much you can love and miss someone always hanging on you, holding your hand and wanting your lap or yelling your name.... ;) We have it all.