Saturday, April 22, 2017

Playing catch up..

 Definition: an effort to reach or pass a norm, especially after a period of delay.
Well, better late than never right?

We welcomed baby Probst #5 into the world on April, 5th 2014. He is such a sweet, smart, funny, handsome, happy little boy and although #5 was hard for me, he's as good they get. We call him "Farley" because of who he resembles with his wild hair and chunky cheeks. We can't get enough of him and he's growing up way too fast. He's definitely a daddy's boy in every way. He always wants him and is determined to find him.. even if it means walking down our big road and risking his life to do so. That's a scary story for another day though.
Parks Williams Probst, you are the angel boy we all needed. What a gift you are... can't imagine life without you. 

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