Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue belts

These two boys could hardly wait to have karate class finish so they could graduate to their Jr. blue belts. They worked so hard. Seriously, a lot of the things they do I couldn't do. I have seen how much stronger they have become. They have learned respect, self discipline, how to listen better, what it means to work hard ....... and I mean hard!
I am sad to be leaving this program and such influential teachers. Hopefully we can find something great like this in Washington for them.

Good work my little blue belts! Were so proud of you both.
Kael doing "black belt" push ups ..... face touching the ground. They have to do five sets of ten!
Karson with Professor Robert. He was so good with my boys!
Blue Belt Ceremony.
Putting on their new belts.
They started with white belts and then graduated to purple, then blue. It takes around 4 months to earn a new rank so they really have worked hard!


Brian and Emily said...

Wow, should I be afraid next time I go in for a hug? Will they "Karate chop" if they think hugs aren't cool anymore? Give them Big hugs from Auntie Em, so proud of all their hard work!

thehallebunch2 said...

Awesome! Congrats boys!